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It's 2007!

It's 2007!

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I realize that outside of my country, 98.7% of the world doesn't celebrate the entry of the new year with fireworks. In the Philippines, happily, it's an annual major pastime, national money waster and introductory source of pollution to start the year with.

Just wanted to greet everybody a Happy New Year!
  • (Anonymous)
    Happy New Year sir. inaantay ko unboxing nyo ng Wii eh hehe

  • Quentin Tarantado: I'm a wet blanket

    I'm a total spoilsport when it comes to New Year's. I don't enjoy fireworks (except the professionally done affairs like that Pyro Olympics at Mall of Asia) and aside from coming out of my room to greet my family Happy New Year, I'd rather update the backlog of DVD's I haven't seen, read a good book or play a videogame (and I'm such a fuddy-duddy gamer. Myst V, forcryinoutloud!). I don't even watch the news to see the blown fingers and the aftermath of the celebrations! Last year, because of the over-enthusiasm of some people, they had a bonfire under the Katipunan/Aurora vehicle overpass weakening the structure and forcing all cars to slow down because of the two-month rehabilitation of the structure. Ah, bliss: enjoy the moment now, never mind that you pay for it for a long, long time later. It's so us.
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