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Dear. God.

There are no words.

I can't blog about it yet. Am overwhelmed. *choke*


Well ...maybe one small question: why no 3G?

Still. *blubber-blubber-blubber*

  • Zees

  • Quentin Tarantado

    Another comment. I was impressed at first, but someone pointed out that you need two hands to use it. Most phones now are designed for one-handed use.

    From what you saw of it, can you figure out a way? Or would you want to use it one-handed at all?

    Also, while watching (at the Apple website) I also thought, no expandable memory? And you can't download itunes songs straight into it?

    Still, I think it will do its job, which is to kick the complacent butts of all the cellphone makers out of their ruts and into confusion (actually, I read that the cellphone market is quite cutthroat. The choke on innovation can be attributed to the cellphone CARRIERS who dictate certain limits on what can be changed in the cellphone, which is why Apple needed a close relationship with Cingular. Still, the cellphone manufacturers are racing like the wind in circles, I think.)
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