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Revisionism Tourism

Revisionism Tourism

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I had the chance to visit Vigan last month, and I made a trip to Calle Crisologo to see the famous Spanish era street. Did the the touristy thing and took pics.

Then on the way home I passed through the PAL airport in Manila and saw a wall-sized poster of where I just was.

Dunno, was a bit disturbed by how different the two places looked. See for yourself:

Airport Poster:

My Pic:
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    Hi Adel! Is it the exact same building? Some structures there are worse off than And then again, it has been years since I saw them. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's actually no real restoration or preservation effort going on. Hay naku. Maybe if Tom Cruise visits and makes pansin the deterioration of Calle Crisologo, biglang umikot ang puwet ng local government (baka pati national - kaninong puwet ba umikot noon tungkol sa cobblestoned street?).

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