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The Electric Journal of Adel Gabot

F1 ka dyan!

F1 ka dyan!

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I’ve been in Sepang for the Malaysian Grand Prix since Maundy Thursday.

Crazy trip. For one thing, it’s a six-day thing, and lots of stuff, good and bad are happening to me. On the bad side, no net, and I can’t get online much. I got some right now, but just because we happened on a weak, erratic signal on my floor. Then Friday my wallet with cash (and my Smart SIM - I just changed to a local one and kept my old one in my wallet) got picked on a quick trip to see the King’s palace. Put a gigantic crimp on my plans, but I’ve been through a lot the past few days already and I was determined not to let it get me down. Today my room's safe box tanked and I can't get my travel papers and other things. Jeez.

On the plus side, I’m really immersed in F1-nnery. Got a front row seat at the Circuit and I get really up close and personal with the cars. Picture-wise it's heaven for an amateur photog, but it's damned hard to catch the cars, they're so freaking fast. Took a while to get the hang of it during qualifying, but by race day I was ready.

Here’s Felipe Massa, driving hard for his pole position, taken by yours truly:

And I got to try out how it feels to be part of team with BMW Sauber, and they taught me how to change a tire like a member of their pit crew. I got to learn how to use the hydraulic jack, and my friend Elbert Cuenca from Jetset Mag was the one took the old tire out and jammed a new one in. For an F1 fan it doesn't get better than this (short of actually driving a car). Look:

More later. If there’s internet anyway. (It’s RM57/day here in the hotel, man. About P750. And me with no cash. Pshaw.) Thank God this thing is holding up.
  • and here i am texting you if you have a joystick your willing to sell! sounds like quite a trip buddy. take the good with the bad lang. solid F1 shot. looks like someone's been practicing his panning.
  • (Anonymous)
    those pics are proof that you are, officially, da man.

    - gary
  • ola, señor!

    sorry to hear about the wallet, but it's nice to see you had a kickass trip anyway! love the pic!!!

    hurry home! the office needs you:D.

    sigh. the end of the vacation. sigh, sigh, sigh.
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