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The Electric Journal of Adel Gabot

No words needed

No words needed

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  • out in the open

    hello! actually i just have a question to ask, do you have the lyrics to the song 'out in the open' or better yet, do you know where i can get a copy of this song. i cannot find the metropop 1996 album in any music store. i fell in love with this song way back when but somehow i forgot all about it... now i can't find it anywhere. if you can help me out in someway, please email me at meahmedalle@yahoo.com.au

  • One Word:

  • Aside from all the obvious reasons why I am excited about this movie (Uh, yeah, my siblings and I have probably memorized every significant scene from all three past movies and take to re-enacting them to this day. Especially Temple of Doom. I used to do the opening scene - Anything Goes in Mandarin - with great aplomb)....

    Back to my point. My darling Shia Labeouf is in this wonderful movie. Oh joy!
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