Adel Gabot (agabot) wrote,
Adel Gabot

Sweeney Depp

Am listening to the Sweeney Todd movie soundtrack, and I'm conflicted about liking it or not.

Since the early 80s, I've listened to a half dozen Sweeney Todds, including George Hearn (twice, a 1982 performance and a 2001 re-do), Michael Cerveris, Len Cariou, Junix Inocian and a couple more whose names escape me, and with their performances and the libretto imprinted into the folds of my brain, I am incapable of listening with complete objectivity to the Johnny Depp version. I catch myself too busy being too critical and comparative rather than just sitting back and listening to the damn thing.

Not having seen the movie yet, I'll have to settle for the album for now. Initial impressions - lush orchestrations, some liberal cuts and jumbling about that I'll save judgment on until I see the film (hey, it might improve the movie - or not); Jayne Wisener does an arresting and haunting Johanna; Sacha Baron Cohen did better than I expected him to as Adolfo Pirelli (but he still sounds like Borat); Alan Rickman's Judge Turpin needs a bit more voice lessons and his Severus Snape will be the death of him, and Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp lack a considerable bit of weight and gravitas. Audally anyway. And while we're on the topic, is it me, or does everyone have thin voices these days?

My album is just the highlights (US$17 on iTunes - at today's rates, not too bad), so I'll wait to hear the rest of it before I say anything definitive.

All I can say is, I'm enjoying this immensely, and I can't wait for the movie.

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