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The Electric Journal of Adel Gabot

Close encounters with the rich and famous

Close encounters with the rich and famous

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Hey. I'm back.

Been an atrociously crummy couple of weeks after my birthday, and I've been feeling pretty down.

To cheer myself up and conjure up a bit of fleeting esteem-by-association, I tried to remember brief and strange encounters with famous people I've had over the course of my life, while staring at the ceiling at 4 in the morning.

You might notice I'm not explaining who's who. If you don't recognize some names (like, do you know who Ben Burtt is? Shame on you!), google them; I'm not elaborating. Some of these were so brief I sometimes wonder if they really happened; I think they did - I'm not yet that far gone. And yes, I admit it. I'm mababaw and kilig with these things. So sue me.

I've had more, but only these come to mind now. Over the course of the next few months, I'll expound in more detail on some of the following incidents in the occasional post, and the others I can eventually remember. (A lot of them was when I was an FM radio DJ; I don't go around harrassing celebs visiting the country. They come visit me.)

If there are any you'd like me to make kuwento first, just holler; otherwise I'll just pick at random.

- Trying hard to explain the tragi-comedy that is Philippine politics to a curious Neil Gaiman.
- Andrea Corr putting her arm around my waist and me putting mine around her shoulders.
- David Pack explaining to me why he's got diarrhea (he had some 'bag-ong' for lunch).
- Noel Pointer destroying a chair in my booth during a radio interview by sitting on it.
- Asking Lea Salonga who this newbie Christina Aguilera was co-opting her Mulan song.
- Saving Earth, Wind & Fire's ass by explaining onstage to 20,000 angry people why their concert was starting 2 hours late - and getting hell for it.
- Telling Shaquille O'Neal to duck his head coming through my office door.
- Shooting the breeze over the phone with Tina Arena long-distance for almost an hour.
- Jewel being exceedingly rude to me in a Taipei hotel room.
- Sir Ben Kingsley brushing off my attempt to get an autograph by saying he had to pee.
- Getting Ben Burtt's autograph.
- Chatting with Patrick Stewart for ten minutes in a mall corridor in Hong Kong.
- Asking Mark McGrath if the breakfast buffet was good at our Kuala Lumpur hotel.
- Running into Quentin Tarantino on the escalator in Gateway in Cubao.
- Asking Sir Richard Attenborough a stupid question at a press conference.
- Pissing off Gloria Estefan with a rude question at a press conference.
- When forced to make small talk with Brooke Shields, asking how she found the weather.
- Asking Lisa Loeb what she looked like without the glasses - and Lisa obliging by taking them off.
- Seeing Stephen Bishop do something unspeakable in a soda glass in Megamall.
- Corinne Drewery holding my arm during their entire interview at my radio show.
- Asking Basia how the hell one pronounces her surname.
- Telling Peter O'Toole we don't normally roll up the sleeves of a barong tagalog.
- Having half a beer with Oliver Platt in a bar in Malate.
- Asking Bobby Brown to have his muscle please leave the booth during our interview.
- Almost choking on Russell Hitchcock's BO and trying not to show it.
- Almost choking on Beck's BO and trying not to show it.
- Shaking David Coulthard's hand.
- Angela Chow co-hosting an entire episode of my radio program.
  • OMG. OMG.

    It's so cool to have found you here Little D! I was a loyal listener of Night Lite and Twisted on a Sunday, but of course I was always partial to Night Lite because you and Monica and the Blade had free reign over the show as opposed to Twisted on a Sunday.

    I was in high school back then and I became an insomniac because of your show. No, it's not a bad thing. Even now when I tell friends of mine about this weekly show that starts at midnight that talks about any topic and plays mostly television themes they'd always say, "Wow, saan 'yon?" I'd get the "stink eye" after revealing them that it's been years since the show's been canceled.

    BTW, what was Oliver Platt doing in Malate?
    • Nice to hear from you (is it PJ?), and reading you reminsce about the show. It seems like another life ago, but it was a good life.

      I keep getting surprised by old-time listeners who come out of the woodwork now and then. I didn't use to think the show had a lot of listeners, being in the dead of night and all. It was hard coming back to the station at midnight after a full day's work already in the can (and knowing we had to come to work again a few ours after the show), but it was always worth it.

      Oliver Platt is the son of Nicholas Platt, who was the former US Ambassador to the Philippines years and years ago. Oliver wasn't yet who he is now, and looked different, although really tall. An ex of mine introduced him to me. I just realized I had met him when he was already famous and I had seen a couple of his movies and was wondering why he looked familiar.

      Hey, thanks for remembering Little D. He appreciates it and says hi!

  • Small World

    Great stories, cuz. Why was Jewel so rude to you? I remember seeing the pictures of you and Shaq. Did you tell some Erap jokes to Neil Gaiman?
  • hehe

    "Telling Peter O'Toole we don't normally roll up the sleeves of a barong tagalog."

    -- this is hilarious!
  • k-lite

    nakakaMiss lng kze, fan po ako ng nitelite, monica little david at the blade. Sana makabalik kayo sa radio.. Si DJ monica nasa radio pa rin ba??? Husband and wife na pla keo.... COngratz po... during k-lite days Bf-Gf plang.. hehhe.. meron n bang little monica? or little david??

    na miss ko lng bigla yung pagkanta ni monica ng song i dont know kung anung tittle nun??? at yung sound ng ticke -me-elmo niya..
    this song is dedicated to her...

    "may tomorrow be a perfect day
    may you find love and laughter along the way
    may God keep you in his tender care
    till he brings us together again"
    (goodnight everybody)...............

    please say hi to Monica for me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????

  • (Anonymous)
    Amazing, totally awesome. I am just getting into writing articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing potential (ha!) but I'd love for you to take my stuff someday!
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